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Damien Minehan

Clinical Psychologist

Mr Minehan has been practicing as a registered psychologist in Tasmania since 2000. His previous experience includes work with a local Non Government Organisation and a period of 11 years with Forensic Mental Health that included work within the prison system, secure mental health unit, community mental health team and the courts. He was the Senior Clinical Psychologist of the statewide Forensic Mental Health Service Tasmania for five years until March 2012. He is registered with the National Psychology Registration Board and holds endorsement as a clinical psychologist.

Mr Minehan has extensive experience working as a clinical psychologist in forensic practice including areas of risk assessment, risk management, the interaction of individuals with mental health issues in the justice system, and expert opinion for the courts. Mr Minehan has worked extensively in relation to criminal matters, including violence, sexual and substance related offending. He has expertise in assessment in relation to preventative detention, community protection matters and fitness to stand trial. Mr Minehan has also provided opinions in relation to a wide range of other matters including dangerous criminal proceedings, parole board assessments, assessments of young offenders (including doli incapax) and assessments and reviews assisting the Coroner.

In addition to this Mr Minehan has experience in a wide range of civil matters. Mr Minehan has completed numerous assessments in relation to victims of crime and personal injury. Over a period of many years, Mr Minehan has also assisted in family law matters. He has been appointed Single Expert on numerous occasions in the Family Court/Federal Circuit. Mr Minehan has also given evidence on many occasions in this jurisdiction. Furthermore, Mr Minehan as also provided expert opinion and assessment in relation to child protection matters and children at risk.

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Court Decisions


Dpp V H (No 2) [2019]

TASCCA 13 (30 August 2019)

McC V Tas [2018]

TASCC 49 (4 October 2018)

IRS V Tas [2013]

TASCC 66 (12 November 2013)

B V Tas [2016]

TASCC 46 (11 September 2019)

AO 2019

TRDH 2018 TASCD 208

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