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Psycho-Legal Assessment Services

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Criminal Law Assessments

Mr Minehan provides a wide range of Criminal Law psychological assessments based on his 20 years of experience working in prisons, secure mental health units, community forensic mental health teams, courts and in private practice;

Mr Minehan provides assessments in relation to;


Application of Verdins Principles

Specific risk assessment (Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking and other behaviours)

Orders under the Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 

Orders and reviews in relation to Dangerous Criminal matters under the Sentencing Act

Section 16 defence under the Criminal Code Act

Fitness to Stand Trial as per Section 8 of the Criminal Justice (Mental Impairment) Act

Cognitive and Intellectual Abilities assessments

Psychometric Assessment

Parole Applications

In addition, Mr Minehan provides consultancy and review in relation to Mental Health evidence provided by others

Other Assessment Services

Damien also offers individual assessments in relation to;

  • Personal Injury Matters

  • Workplace Health and Workers Compensation

  • Workplace RIsk Issues (Threat, Violence etc.)

  • School risk issues

  • Firearms Licences

  • Working with Vulnerable People 

  • Cognitive and Intellectual Abilities Assessments

**Please note, Mr Minehan is not currently taking referrals in Family Law or Child Safety Matters 

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